Past Events

NMC-CESI Second General Meeting and Sensitivity Training Session
Held on Friday, March 11th, 2016

This meeting included:

  • Updates about our group and future goals
  • Ms. Mbalu Lumor from Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, presented on how to support youth survivors of torture and war, and their families. The workshop included a powerpoint presentation and case studies to help volunters understand the lived experiences of survivors pre-migration, migration and post migration trauma. Our volunteers received helpful tips on things to do and not to do when working with survivors, on crisis intervention, and self-care.

NMC-CESI General Meeting & Volunteer Training Session
Held on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

This meeting included:

  • An introduction to NMC-CESI Executive and founding members, student volunteers, and faculty.
  • University of Toronto Syria Initiative – UofT Lifeline Syria – attended the event and presented information on our collaboration.
  • Professors Jeannie Miller and Jens Hanssen outlined our Cultural and Language Exchange Initiative
  • Volunteers were informed about requirements
  • Leen Al Zaibak from Jusoor (an NGO of Syrian expatriates supporting the country’s development and helping Syrian youth realize their potential through programs in the field of education, career development and global community engagement) and Lifeline Syria – Ryerson University, attended and spoke at the event on the roles of volunteers.

More than 60 volunteers attended.

Syria: A Critical Discussion of Crisis and Disctruction
Held on Friday, November 13th, 2015

In collaboration with the NMCSU and NMCGSA, students of the University of Toronto and the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations organized an event on Nov. 13th, focusing on the humanitarian and refugee crisis, as well as the ongoing cultural destruction in Syria and the Middle East.

Featuring lectures by Dr. Şenay Özden of the Hamisch Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul, Dr. Clemens Reichel, and Dr. Jens Hanssen of the University of Toronto, this event promoted awareness and discussion, while raising funds for two University of Toronto initiatives (University of Toronto ‘Scholars at Risk’ and ‘Lifeline Syria’) aimed at helping Syrian Refugees and Scholars.

Pamphlet: Syria Critical Discussion Pamphlet 2015

Poster: Syria Critical Discussion Poster.jpg