NMC-CESI Featured in UofT News

The University of Toronto News website recently published a post on the community’s support to new Syrian-Canadians. Click here to checkout their post!

NMC-CESI Cultural Exchange Workshop. Photo by Rasha Elendari

NMC-CESI Mandate

NMC-CESI is a student-led, educational and humanitarian initiative created by a group of students and faculty at the Dept. of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. This initiative serves as an educational resource for Syrian newcomer youth who need help with language acquisition, and are interested in continuing their studies and engaging in a cultural exchange program here at the University of Toronto. Our newcomer students improve their English through the language and cultural exchange program, and our Arabic-speaking volunteers also benefit from our educational workshops. NMC-CESI facilitates an ongoing language and cultural exchange program between UofT students and newcomer Syrian youth (who are learning English), but also connects fluent Arabic speakers, as translators or interpreters, to refugee sponsorship groups, including Lifeline Syria and the UofT Syria Initiative. Our volunteers assist with a range of activities and needs, helping sponsors and newcomers to communicate and also to perform necessary tasks and goals pertaining to their resettlement and adjustment to life here in Canada. Our organization also serves to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Syria and the Middle East and the global reaction to these issues, raising funds in order to help Syrian refugees and students at risk.

NMC-CESI’s educational mission is foremost to create a positive learning space where newcomer youth can grow as individuals, be assisted with language acquisition and reading/writing skills. However, we also hope to create a network of resources as well as a constructive dialogue between the University of Toronto and other Canadian universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Ultimately we hope to provide Syrian newcomer youth with not only workshops but also scholarships and support networks that will help them continue their undergraduate or graduate studies, and to positively adjust to their new lives here in Toronto and within Canadian society.

Arabic Speakers

During the next few months, CESI is working closely with Arabic speaking volunteers in order to match them with sponsor groups helping Syrian refugees in the GTA.

We encourage all Arabic speakers looking to get involved to email us at nmccesi@gmail.com with their name and availability, as well as attend our volunteers’ meeting on Wednesday January 13th, 5pm at 4 Bancroft Avenue (Conference Room).

For sponsor groups at any stage of their sponsorship program, please do not hesitate to contact us at nmccesi@gmail.com and inquire about our services! We already have an extensive list of volunteers ready to help in communication, as well as answer culturally sensitive questions you may have to the best of their ability.


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