Ongoing Activities

While in a short period NMC-CESI has achieved many feats , we continue to work hard to expand our efforts and meet our mandate.

The following is a list of our achievements for the 2015/2016 academic year:

  • NMC-CESI Language and Cultural Exchange Workshop. This weekly program uses NMC’s unique linguistic and cultural resources to help newcomer youth improve their English, connect to Canadian society, and familiarize themselves with Canadian scholastic culture, all while helping Canadian students improve their Arabic linguistic and cultural skills. This program is expanding to other language groups such as Turkish, Kurdish and Farsi.


  • Providing sponsoring groups and newcomers with Arabic-speaking volunteers to help them communicate and also to perform necessary tasks and goals pertaining to their resettlement and adjustment to life here in Canada.
  • Raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Syria and the Middle East and the global reaction to these issues, raising funds in order to help Syrian refugees and students at risk.
  • Collaboration with other Committee Leads of the UofT Global Refugee Crisis Response Team/UofT Syria Initiatives and hold regular meetings for an update on the current progress of the various initiatives.

The following is a list of our goals for the 2016/2017 academic year:

  •  Continue NMC-CESI Language and Cultural Exchange Workshop
  •  Continue supporting sponsoring groups and newcomers to communicate with Arabic-speaking volunteers
  • Offer translated digests of the Arabic press on the crisis, and post them in an online forum.
  •  Hold performances and exhibitions that can raise funds for these initiatives and spread awareness.
  •  Petition the Canadian government and the international community to protect the people, archaeological monuments and cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq.
  •  Draft assessments of how the Canadian government and Canadian Universities can support the refugees and protect the cultural heritage of this region.
  • Invite exiled Syrian and Iraqi scholars for lectures to Toronto. Many, especially Syrians, do not have the requisite documentation and the only way for them to get a Canadian visa is through corporate sponsorship.